Washroom Supplies

We can provide the following services to suit your requirements, sourced from leading manufacturers. At the start of a new contract we would recommend a detailed clean to these most sensitive areas:

  • COVID-19 related supplies

  • Including using virucidal cleaning solution which passes EN 1276 & EN 1650

  • A virucide is an agent that has been proven to deactivate one or more virus strains. To grow and propagate, a virus must ‘infect’ a host cell, and then forces the host cell to reproduce many copies of the original ‘virus’ – which in turn will infect other cells

  • Provision and supply of hand gel. The hand gel we supply kills bacteria and contains a blend of 70% alcohol and glycerol emollient to maintain skin condition. Passes EN1276 with a 30 second contact time, also passes EN1500 & EN13727

  • Face masks, Personal Protective Equipment, this list is not exhaustive

  • Washroom services, which include the sale of all types of dispensers, in most cases we can safely fit these within the client’s premises. These also include the supply of paper products, cotton roller towels and individual towels. Soaps and lotions ranging from the everyday products to Molton Brown

  • Hand sanitising dispensers and stations, fitted or free standing

  • Feminine hygiene bins, available in many shapes and sizes to fit seamlessly into designated areas, available in both chrome and plastic, with different opening mechanisms

  • Walk on walk off entrance mats designed for high impact areas, such as entrances, vending machines etc to absorb water and spillages. These are available in a range of sizes, colours and finishes.

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